Everyday Makeup

I have had tons of questions on my makeup and what I wear everyday! I have been wearing the same makeup since I started wearing makeup, honestly! I have played around with all different kinds of brands, and I am going to share with you today what best works for me.


Smashbox Photo Finish: I never really understood the importance of a face primer until I started using this. The bottle has lasted me nearly a year, and I just use a tiny amount all over my face before I start applying any makeup!


Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua: I cant even explain how amazing this product is. I have probably been through 200 bottles. I don’t like a super heavy foundation, and this one is water based and goes on like butter!! I have tried tons of different foundations and nothing beats this one. If you have been looking for a weightless foundation, this is the ONE!!! I use color 40 Beige, and sometimes in the summer I will mix it with 50 Beige!

OR: If you are not wanting to spend too much on foundation, the Wet n Wild photofocus foundation is a great dupe to the Chanel one. It is also super light weight and comes with an application stick inside making it easy to put on!


Trish Mcevoy Instant Eyelift: Okay, yall!! This stuff is literally instant MAGIC. If you ever wake up with black bags under your eyes and you feel like you look sick, swipe a little of this under your eyes in an upside down triangle shape and you immediately look revived!

OR: Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I use this under my eyes to brighten them up. My biggest tip is to apply anything under your eyes in an upside down triangle for a brighter look! I use color 15 (fair).

After applying my foundation and concealer, I go under my eyes with THIS POWDER to prevent any dropping of eyeshadow onto my face. This stuff will set your makeup like no other! I had somebody put it on me for professional pictures and I was immediately hooked and I have been using it everyday.

Eyeshadow Primer:

Mac Paint Pot: I will not wear eyeshadow unless I put this on first. If you don’t have an eyeshadow primer, you need this one!! It keeps my eyeshadow on literally for 24 hours. My eyeshadow does not budge with this stuff. I use the color called “Soft Ochre” because it is neutral and is a perfect color to build more colors on top of.


Trish Mcevoy: I use the color Cream all over my eye for a bright and light color! In the crease I will use Raisin and build off of that. These two colors have been my staples for years. If I am just going to lunch and dont want a dark eye, I just use cream all over and Raisin in the crease to give my eye some depth!! Another great all over color is this Clinique color called daybreak, I have also used it for years!

Naked Urban Decay HEAT: I have never really gone for crazy eye shadow colors. I like to keep it simple with creams and browns, but lately I have a new obsession for some “amber-hued neutrals.” My eyes change from blue to green and I have always heard that these colors really make your eyes pop, so I decided to try it. I am now obsessed with this palette and use it for everyday looks and also build on it for a night out look! I just build up the colors on the crease of my eye and play with different colors everyday.


Revlon Colorstay: This eyeliner works better than any other liquid liners I have ever used. It is really well priced and stays on all day!

Urban Decay 24/7: THIS LINER IS THE BEST. I have always loved liquid liner, but this eyeliner goes on so smooth and pigmented. I use color “lucky” and I do it on my water line and under my eye and it literally makes your eyes just so bright!!!


Chanel Les Beiges: When I know it is going to be a long day, I just put a little bit of this powder all over my face to keep my makeup looking fresh! I use color “N 30”


Urban Decay Afterglow Palette: This palette is everything!!! It comes with everything you need in one little palette! I use it for my bronzer, highlight, and blush all in one!! If you want colors that are pigmented and shimmery, get this one!! Also, I used this bareMinerals bronzer in “warmth” for a long time before I got this palette and it was a great color! Also, everyone knows how AMAZING this Nars blush is, and if you have not tried it yet, you 100% should!! It brightens up your face!


Benefit Brow Pencil: I have never been crazy on filling my brows in, because they are naturally pretty dark, but this brow pencil is my favorite. It fills in any little holes and keeps them in place! Its the best one I have tried yet! I use number 3!!

Benefit Gimme Brow: If you have problems with your eyebrows going down, this is like a gel for them that is also tinted! Keeps them in place and lasts all day!!


Curler: This is the best eyelash curler I have ever used! It has lasted me years!!

Mascara: If you know me, you know I have tried probably every mascara out there!!! I am always on the hunt for some good mascara, and this Lancome mascara is my new FAVORITE!!! It only takes a few swipes and your lashes are beyond full! I have also been using this Chanel mascara since I started using mascara, and it will always top the list!! I use this mascara on my bottom lashes, because I like them to be less full!


Chanel Lipstain: I have used the color tender beige for as long as I can remember!! This stain will last you months! Chanel is repackaging the lipstains and the stock levels are low so it has been super hard to find the tender beige color lately!! I will keep yall posted on when they restock them, because this stain is that great!

Laura Mercier Gloss: This is great to throw on when you are in a hurry or just need some color! My favroite is the color, “wildflower”.


Urban Decay: If you do not use a setting spray, you need one!!! It will make your makeup last ALL NIGHT!! This one has been my favorite for a while!


These are three brushes EVERYONE needs

Foundation Brush: I have been applying my foundation with this brush for the past few months and its the best brush I have ever used! It makes your makeup go on super even and smooth!!

Eyeshadow Brush: This is the brush I use everyday in my crease. It fits perfectly on your eye and makes your crease blend super evenly!!

Brush: This is great for bronzer and getting it to sit on a good spot on your face! OR this one is a great steal for all over powder that I love!


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